Frequently asked questions

I want to join VS-Express 24/7

Great choice! Become a modern citizen now! Here you can find the best things, that gym can offer.

Where can I find Vs-Express 24/7 gyms?

PC Arena Taikos pr. 64 (2 floor)
PC Mega Plaza H.Manto g. 21(2 floor)

M.Daukšos g. 26

Gumbinės g. 33c

What are gym opening hours?

Gyms are open 24/7. Administration opening hours: Mon. – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00. Security working hours: 18:00 – 09:00 (call security if you have problems with access or lockers).

How can I buy membership?

You can buy membership several ways:
1. Online
2. Go to the self-service terminal near your gym (opening hours of terminal in SC Arena: 08:00 – 23:00, 24/7 in other gyms).

When will my membership become valid?

Membership becomes valid as soon as you pay for it.

Can I transfer membership to other person?

Yes, year-long membership users can transfer it once to other person.

Can membership be suspended?

Members with 12 month e-contracts or year-long memberships can freeze their membership for 30 days per year. Minimum duration – 7 days. Membership can also be frozen in case of illness by submitting medical or sickness certificate.

Can I pay in cash?


Can I use the same bank account to pay for several memberships?

Yes, you can.

Until when must invoices be paid?

E-invoices must be paid until the 15th of current month.

Can I transfer my membership to other VS-Express 24/7 gym?

Yes, you can. Contact administration and your membership will be transferred.

Can I terminate 12 month membership?


I want to transfer membership, what should I do?

You can only transfer 12 month membership. Contact customer service centre.

From what age it is allowed to join the gym?

From 18 years old. Teenagers can workout with the supervision of their parents from 16 years old if parents sign a consent on the website and send us.

May I try the gym before becoming a member?

New members can try out gym for free without registration.

Are there any trainers in gyms?

There are business clients who provide instructors’ services in all VS-Express 24/7 gyms. You can get their contacts by calling our customer service centre.

What should I do if I left my belongings in the gym?

All lost and found items are kept in the gym for 7 days. You should contact customer service centre or instructor about your belongings.

How many times a day may I visit the gym?

The number of visits is unlimited in VS-Express gyms.

Where should I send comments/complaints?

Please write us an email at

What do I have to bring with me to the gym?

You should have clean sports clothes, shoes and a towel, also do not forget to bring great mood.

How do I enter the gym?

You can access only with a fingerprint. If you buy membership online, you get a unique code which consists of 8 digits. This code has to be entered in self-service terminal (after pressing “I HAVE A CODE” button). Then put your finger on fingerprint scanner and see information on the screen. You can go workout when your fingerprint is activated. If you bought membership in self-service terminal, that means your fingerprint has already been scanned during registration. You can go to the gym after a successful payment.

What should I do if I cannot enter the gym when I press my finger against the reader?

This can happen, if:
*You membership has expired.
*You did not attend visit gym longer, than 3 months and your fingerprint information has been deleted.
*Fingerprint was scanned incorrectly. If you want to scan it again, call customer service centre.
*You have bought membership in another VS-Express 24/7 gym. If you want to attend all VS-Express gyms, you need a global membership.
Contact customer service centre, where your membership information will be checked. If everything is fine, we will help you access the gym.

I have bought a membership and paid for it online, may I arrive now?

Yes, you can. Enter unique code to a self-service terminal near your gym and add your fingerprint. Once your fingerprint is activated, you can go workout. (Self-service terminal working hours: 08:00-23:00 in SC Arena, 24/7 in other gyms)