VS-Express 24/7 Gym Rules


1.1. These Rules are applicable in gyms, marked with the “VS-Express 24/7” trademark, which belong to UAB “VS-FITNESS”, legal entity code 302484535, VAT number LT100005224616, located in Tilžės g. 60, Klaipėda (hereinafter referred to as the “Gym”).

1.2. “The Rules” govern the use of Services provided by “VS-Express 24/7”. They govern operation of services, mandatory security, hygiene requirements, all rights, duties and responsibilities of the Gym and their clients. Rules are set out on the website www.vs-express.lt. The administration reserves the right to update these Rules in case the market conditions or the legislation regulating the market change as well as in case of other objective grounds by giving a notification to the clients on the website www.vs-express.lt 14 days in advance.

1.3. “Services” – services, provided by the Gym, which include gym membership and additional services, such as workouts with a personal trainer and any other services with an extra charge.

1.4. Gym customer (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) – person, who has purchased gym membership, onetime pass or is visiting gym for free. Rules apply to all Members, who are visiting the Gym. They have to read and agree with the Rules. Member withholds his consent by checking the box “I have read and agree with the Rules” and confirming identification with fingerprint.

1.5. Membership – the right to use the Services of the Gym for an indicated period of time.

1.6. One-time access – the right to use the Services of the Gym for one time only.

1.7. Member fingerprint (hereinafter referred to as “fingerprint”) is scanned by putting finger on fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanner identifies member and gives access to certain services.



1.2.1. The Member may use the services of the Gym after purchasing a personal membership or getting a one-time access and agreeing with these Rules. If Member is under-aged (but over 16 years old), he/she has to confirm together with his parents (guardians) that he/she agrees with these Rules. Members confirm that they have read and agreed with the Rules by ticking the box and giving their fingerprint.

Members under 16 years old are not allowed to use the Services of the Gym.

1.2.2. It is forbidden for a person under the age of 16 to engage in sports or be in the Gym (regardless of whether or not an adult is accompanying him and his parents (guardians) have submitted a written consent). Under-aged members over 16 but under 18 years old may use Services of the Gym only with a written consent of his/her parents (guardians), and a health certificate, which confirms, that the state of health of the under-aged Member allows him/her to use the Services of the Gym. The signature also confirms full liability of the parents (guardians) for the under-aged Member’s conduct in the Gym and any health disorder, which has been caused to him/her.

1.2.3. Parents (guardians) have to fully familiarize under-aged Members with the Rules and that he/she shall follow them. The signature of the parents (guardians) also confirms the compensation for any damages caused by the under-aged Member to the Gym and to the third parties.

1.2.4. Medical certificates submitted by Members are not processed by automatic means.



1.3.1. Prices of memberships and other services (if any are available) are listed in the Price List, which is available on the website at www.vs-express.lt. Prices are determined by the Gym.

1.3.2. Members can purchase Memberships and one-time passes here:

-on the website at www.vs-express.lt, using e-banking;

-on self-service terminals which are installed in the Gym.

1.3.3. During the first registration, the visitor has to read the Rules and identify himself/herself by putting his/her fingerprint to the fingerprint scanner at the Gym’s premises. This way he activates the Membership.

1.3.4. Membership is valid from the date of the purchase, regardless of whether Member has started using the Services of the Gym or not. It is valid until expiration date (and the same time of the day he purchased it), regardless of the Membership type.

1.3.5. Customer, who have purchased gift voucher, must activate it not later than within 60 (sixty) days. Should the Member fail to activate it within this period of time, the gift voucher expires. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

1.3.6. Gym staff has the right to take a picture of a Member and use it for identification purposes.

1.3.6. Members, who want to use the Services of the Gym, have to submit their fingerprint.

1.3.7. Members, who have purchased Memberships, can visit the Gym several times per day, the duration of the visit is not limited, but depends on Membership expiration date. Gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Gym shall have the right to change the business hours in case of unforeseeable circumstances (Force Major) by providing notification of the change in the Gym premises or on the website www.vs-express.lt.

1.3.8. Taking into account the specifics of the work of the Gym as well as the fact that Members shall use the services of the Gym independently, the Member is informed and agrees that there may be no employees present in the premises of the Gym at certain times during business hours.

1.3.9. Purchased memberships cannot be paused, terminated or transferred to other person. The money paid shall not be returned to the Member who purchased the Membership, with the exception of those cases where the Member was not able to use the Services of the Gym due to the fault of the Gym or other cases as may be established in legislation.

1.3.10. Under-aged persons (under 18 years old) are not permitted to buy Gym Memberships. Members over 16 but under 18 years old may use the Services of the Gym if their parents (guardians) buy their membership under procedure, laid down in 1.2.1.-1.2.4. Parents (guardians) of a Member under 18 shall submit their written consent, health certificate and ensure that Member has read the Rules. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the Gym shall not be liable for any damages, including disturbance to health.

1.3.11. If the Member does not adhere to or breach these Rules, including, but not limited to paragraph 1.3.10, the Gym has the right to pause or cancel Member’s Membership unilaterally and without any prior notification.



1.4.1. Members shall leave their personal belongings in the changing-room and changing lockers of the Gym. The Gym shall not be liable for the loss or damage to Member’s personal items. The Gym recommends not to leave any personal items without supervision.

1.4.2. Changing-room lockers are assigned automatically when Member puts his/her finger on fingerprint scanner, located in the changing-rooms.

1.4.3. Common premises of the Gym are being filmed in order to ensure safety of the Gym and Members. Member familiarizes himself/herself with these Rules and confirms that by providing his/her signature. This signature also confirms, that the Member agrees, that the premises are filmed and this video is being kept under established procedures for an established period of time.

1.4.4. Member must leave his/her locker neat and locked before leaving the Gym and make sure he/she did not leave any personal belongings. If the locker is not closed or pushed in properly, Member will not be able to exit the Gym. The locker must be locked. Automatic passage system will allow Members to leave the premises only when their lockers are locked.

1.4.5. Members shall not leave the premises and leave their personal belongings in a locker. If a Member leaves the premises, locker is assigned to another Member. If there is the need to exit the Gym even for a short period of time, take all your personal belongings and close the locker. When you come back, a new locker will be assigned to you.



1.5.1. The Gym does not provide the item storage services but merely provides the Members with the possibility to leave personal belongings in locations assigned to that purpose.

1.5.2. Members shall leave their personal belongings in the changing room and changing lockers of the Gym; Members must lock the lockers after leaving their belongings in them.

1.5.3. Members are advised not to bring any expensive or valuable items to the Gym.

1.5.4. The Member must immediately notify the Gym of any missing or damaged items.

1.5.6. Any items left in the Gym by the Member shall be kept for 5 (five) calendar days.



2.1. It is prohibited in the Gym:

2.1.1. To use the Services of the Gym wearing apparel or footwear which are not suited for the gym or are untidy and unclean.

2.1.2. To provide coaching or any similar services, to consult, train Members or disturb Gym staff in any other way.

2.1.3. To take photographs and film videos without a written permission of the Gym management.

2.1.4. To bring and drink alcohol or eat food at the premises of the Gym.

2.1.5. To do personal hygiene procedures in the changing-rooms or showers, to use hair-driers for purposes other than drying one’s head, such as to dry clothing or slippers.

2.1.6. To use exercise machines or other gym equipment which are temporarily out of order;

2.1.7. To perform exercises without spreading a towel on a piece of fitness equipment first;

2.1.8. To use a piece of equipment without familiarizing with the rules placed in the premises of the Gym or specified on such piece of fitness equipment regarding the correct procedure of use.

2.1.9. To be late to workouts. Workout instructors have the right to deny access for Members, who are late.


  1. RIGHTS OF THE GYM To change its business hours and give access to premises for under-aged persons. To close up the Gym for up to 48 hours when necessary maintenance is required. To change the terms and rules (with the exception of these Rules) of other Memberships in cases when special offers are placed by the Gym. The Rules are mandatory for those clients, who have purchased these Memberships in case of a special offer. The terms and rules of these Memberships are set out on the website www.vs-express.lt. To prepare and change workout schedules at its discretion. If the employees of the Gym have reasonable doubts about the state of health of a Member, the employee has the right to demand for a Member to stop his/her workout, consult a doctor and submit a health certificate regarding his/her health. The Gym has the right to refuse to provide services to persons who have breached these Rules. The responsible employees have the right to demand the Member to vacate the premises. The money for the visit is not refunded. If the Member do not adhere to or breach these Rules, as well as in those cases where the Member’s conduct causes harm to the interest of other Gym Members, or the Member arrives at the Gym not sober and he/she does not listen to the lawful instructions of the responsible employees (or security guards), the Gym has the right to cancel the validity of the Member’s Membership and not to allow the Member, who has breached the Rules, into the Gym. In such case, the money is not refunded and the Member is obligated to cover for the losses of the Gym. The Gym has the right not to provide any information about Member’s visits, Membership type and any other information concerning Members activity in the Gym to the third parties, except when public authorities provide a written demand. Member’s personal data is handled in line with the procedure established by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania. The Gym has the right to terminate the Contract unilaterally by notifying the Member in writing no later than 5 (five) calendar days in advance, if he/she: Does not follow essential terms of the Contract; Breaches other terms of the Contract or the Rules repeatedly; Is late in paying for the Services of the Gym longer than 30 (thirty) calendar days; In other cases, the Gym has the right to terminate the provision of Services without giving a reason (even in the absence of the Client’s fault) by notifying him/her no later than 30 (thirty) days in advance of the date of termination of the Services.


3.1.2. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE GYM The Gym undertakes to provide Services to Members in accordance with the requirements of these Rules and legal acts of Republic of Lithuania. The Gym undertakes to provide notification of the change of business hours on the website www.vs-express.lt or at the premises of the Gym, in a visible place. To provide Services of the Gym until Membership expiration date except in those cases, when the Gym needs to be closed for reasons that do not concern the Member, including, but not limited to emergency relief, scheduled repair, sanitary hygiene and etc.


3.1.3. THE HEALTH OF THE MEMBERS, WHO USE THE SERVICES OF THE GYM Before starting to use the Services of the Gym, the Member should check his/her health and consult with his/her doctor (including under-aged Members). They must make sure, that their state of health allows them to attend the Gym and use its specific Services. The Member shall take on complete liability for any health issues, injuries and accidents, which occur during the visit to the Gym. The Gym is not liable for any damages done to the Member’s health, life, material and immaterial damage, excluding the cases when this damage occurs due to the fault of the Gym. The Gym provides an opportunity for its Members to use the Services. It does not evaluate the effect that these Services have on Member’s health. It does not guarantee the positive effect of these services.



4.1. The Member may use the Services of the Gym after purchasing a personal Membership or one-time access pass. They acquire the right to use the Services of the Gym and thus confirm, that they have read and agreed with these Rules and take on full liability for non-fulfillment of rules and obligations enlisted in these Rules and for all the consequences that occur due to this non-fulfillment.

4.2. Parents (guardians) of under-aged Members sign these Rules and/or register of familiarization. With this signature they confirm, that:

4.2.1. The state of the under-aged Member’s health permits him/her to use the Services of the Gym;

4.2.2. The Under-aged Member has fully familiarized himself/herself with these Rules and undertakes to follow them;

4.2.3. They undertake to ensure compensation for damages caused to the Gym or any third parties by the under-aged Member in line with procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;

4.2.4. They take on full liability for the under-aged Member’s behaviour in the Gym and any disturbance to the under-aged Member’s health, which occurred due to the lack of supervision, incorrect supervision, or any other type of negligence.

4.2.5. Member gives UAB “VS-FITNESS” the right to transfer its rights and responsibilities, concerning the relationship with the Member, to persons related or unrelated to UAB “VS-FITNESS” without any prior notification.

4.4. If the Member is a legal entity, it takes on full liability for damages done to the Gym by persons, who were given the right to use the Services of the Gym by this legal entity.

4.5. Both parties shall aim to settle any disputes amicably; however, should they fail to settle a dispute, a Member shall always have the right to turn to the Consumer Rights Protection Authority or directly to court.
“VS-Express” Gym Rules recast prepared on 2019.10.31.

General responsibilities of the Member:
If any rules are breached
  • Visitors who breach these Rules and create harm to themselves or other persons may be denied entry to the Gym.
  • Compensate any material damages done to the Gym or other Members due to the fault of the Member. Agreement shall be made separately.
  • If the Member breaches the Rules and his/her Membership gets cancelled, money is not refunded.
  • Members who breach these rules and want to re-activate their Membership, may have to pay 100 € fine.


Members may use the Services of the Gym after purchasing a personal Membership or one-time access pass. They acquire the right to use the services of the Gym and thus confirm, that they have read and agreed with these Rules and take on full liability for non-fulfilment of the Rules and obligations enlisted in the Rules.